Choose a data model

You will need to define the class and relations for the properties in your data. The easiest way is to find classes and properties in existing model (aka. ontologies). Some properties are standard like rdf:type and rdfs:label, but for more specific concepts the best is to find an existing data model matching your model.

Feel free to contact us to ask for help with choosing a data model.

Search for ontologies#

Search for relevant existing models in ontology repositories:

The BioPortal Recommender and Search services are efficient to look for concepts in most existing biomedical ontologies.

Common ontologies#

The Linked Open Vocabulary (LOV) provide an overview of existing ontologies and the links between them.

Ontology design with Protégé#

You can use the Protégé ontology editor to build your ontology.

  • Install ProtĂ©gĂ© on your computer for better performance than the web hosted service.
  • Or use Web ProtĂ©gĂ© for its collaborative features.

Resolve prefixes# is a handy service to resolve prefixes.


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