Use BioThings Studio

The BioThings SDK is a Python package to build and deploy annotated Smart APIs from flat data files. Multiple BioThings APIs can be built using the BioThings Hub, and exposed using BioThings Web.

See the BioThings API Specifications.

Deploy BioThings Studio#

BioThings Studio enables to deploy a Docker container with all dependencies required to build and expose BioThings APIs. See the BioThings Studio documentation.

d2s start biothings-studio

Access BioThings Studio web UI at http://localhost:8880

Access BioThings API at http://localhost:7080

Volume shared in workspace/biothings.

Use the BioThings SDK#

Available on PyPi. BioThings SDK provides a Python-based toolkit to build high-performance data APIs (or web services) from a single data source or multiple data sources. It has the particular focus on building data APIs for biomedical-related entities, a.k.a "BioThings" (such as genes, genetic variants, drugs, chemicals, diseases, etc).

pip install biothings

Documentation about BioThings SDK can be found at

Use the BioThings Explorer#

BioThings APIs can then be queried by the BioThings Explorer:

A SDK is also available on PyPi to use the BioThings Explorer

pip install biothings-explorer

Jupyter Notebooks:

Expose a new data source#

To be developed.

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