Initialize and update

Initialize the project#

Ideally you should create a new repository from the template d2s-project-template repository, and provide this repository URL when asked by d2s init.

In this example I will directly use the default d2s-project-template repository, feel free to do the same to start.

For licensing reason the GraphDB triplestore free edition needs to be downloaded manually. Download the .zip standalone distribution version 9.1.1 before d2s init

Now initialize your project ๐ŸŽฌ

d2s init my-project-folder-name

Follow the instructions to initialize your project.

Your project settings are stored in .d2sconfig

All d2s commands are designed to be run from this directory.

Change directory#

All d2s commands are designed to be run from the project root folder. Once your project initiated, change directory to go in your project folder (where the git repository has been cloned)

cd my-project-folder-name

Pull Docker images#

Docker images should be pulled when starting the services. You can pull and build all updated Docker images used by d2s:

d2s update --images

Update a single service:

d2s update --images <my_service>

Update folders permissions#

You might encounter issues with folder permissions, e.g. RMLStreamer not able to write to output. You can update the permissions of workspace/import and workspace/tmp-virtuoso to make them writable:

d2s update --permissions

Update d2s-core submodule#

The d2s-core submodule, containing Docker deployments and workflows definitions, can be updated using:

d2s update --submodules
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