Run Argo workflows

We will use examples from the d2s-project-template project.

Clone the repository#

git clone --recursive
cd d2s-project-template

Start Virtuoso pod#

kubectl run dh-vos7 --image=openlink/virtuoso-opensource-7 --port=8890
kubectl expose deployment dh-vos7 --port=8890 --target-port=8890 --name=dh-vos7
# --type=LoadBalancer
kubectl describe services dh-vos
kubectl delete deployments.apps dh-vos7

TODO: expose it

Workflow to convert XML to RDF#

Steps-based workflow#

argo submit d2s-core/argo/workflows/d2s-workflow-xml.yml -f datasets/drugbank/config-argo-xml-drugbank.yml

Reminder: you need first to authenticate to the OpenShift cluster using oc login .

DAG workflow#

argo submit d2s-core/argo/workflows/d2s-workflow-transform-xml-dag.yml \
-f support/config/config-transform-xml-drugbank.yml

Workflow to convert CSV to RDF#

Steps-based workflow#

argo submit d2s-core/argo/workflows/d2s-workflow-transform-csv.yml \
-f support/config/config-transform-csv-stitch.yml

DAG workflow#

argo submit d2s-core/argo/workflows/d2s-workflow-transform-csv-dag.yml \
-f support/config/config-transform-csv-stitch.yml
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