Define volumes

Define persistent volume#

Go to

  • Storage class > maprfs-ephemeral
  • Shared Access (RWX)

Mount a filesystem UI#

Deploy filebrowser on MapR to access volumes

Go to > click Deploy image

  • Add to Project: argo
  • Image Name: filebrowser/filebrowser
  • Give a name to your image: filebrowser
  • Click Deploy
  • Go to argo project > Click on latest deployment of the filebrowser
  • Delete the automatically mounted volume, and add the persistent volume (data2services-storage). Should be on /srv
  • Add route

Access on

Define a temporary volume for a workflow#

Temporary volumes can be defined in Argo at runtime and are removed when the workflow terminates.

volumeClaimTemplates: # define volume, same syntax as k8s Pod spec
- metadata:
name: workdir # name of volume claim
annotations: maprfs-ephemeral
accessModes: [ "ReadWriteOnce" ]
storage: 100Gi
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