Write SPARQL queries

Write SPARQL queries to answer the questions you wanted to answer with the data, or just to explore your knowledge graph.

Execute the queries#

If you have uploaded your RDF to a triplestore you can query it directly. If the built-in SPARQL editor is not good, we recommend to use YASGUI to point to your SPARQL endpoint

Otherwise you can use rdflib-endpoint to deploy a SPARQL endpoint locally with a built-in YASGUI interface.

pip install rdflib-endpoint

You can use wildcard and provide multiple files, for example to serve all turtle, JSON-LD and nquads files in the current folder:

rdflib-endpoint serve *.ttl *.jsonld *.nq

Access the YASGUI SPARQL editor on http://localhost:8000

Store the queries#

Add those SPARQL queries to your Git repository, in separated files with the .rq extension in the queries folder.

Optionally you can publish an API from those SPARQL queries with grlc.

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